With the start of Spring just a few days away, the time to start working on your summer body is now. Join Sarah Lotter’s Online coaching for 1-on-1 personal training no matter where you are.

Sarah has transformed herself from a Comrades runner to Bikini Fitness Competitor. A qualified Exercise Rehabilitation Biokineticist and Sheriff Training System Personal Trainer, Sarah understands what it takes to achieve your fitness goals.

Get in Shape for Summer with 1 week free online coaching
Sarah before (L) and after (R)


Sign Up Here for Online Coaching and Get

  1. A Customised, tailor made training routine with exercise videos and elaborate exercise descriptions.
  2. Customised, tailor made diet information correlating to your goals and needs, medical history and food allergies/intolerances.
  3. Detailed supplement protocols and information.
  4. Regular skype calls, allowing you to directly interact with Sarah as she coaches you.
  5. Ongoing hand-holding support in the Sheriff Training Systems Facebook group.
  6. No contracts, no hidden costs.  R2000pm on a month to month basis, with only one month’s calendar notice period required on termination.

Want to try before you buy? Sarah Lotter is offering our reader’s 1 free week of online coaching so you can experience first-hand how she can help you achieve your goals.


Sign up here to get 1 week free online training with Sarah.


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Instagram @sarahsheriffsvixen

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Facebook Fan page Sarah Hall Fitness Bikini Sponsored Athlete, Trainer and Online Coach

Get in Shape for Summer with 1 week free online coaching


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