So you’ve read this article, seen the transformations and are now looking to start your own BBG transformation. Before you hit buy, this is what you should know before starting BBG or any other health and fitness journey.

1. Take Progress Pictures

Kayla Itsines advises taking progress pictures and being your own motivation. She says “progress photos are amazing so that you can see your own personal progress from all your hard work, dedication and sweat”.


2. Be Realistic

“Developing new habits can take time so be realistic and kind to yourself” says Kayla. “Set yourself realistic goals and a realistic time frame”.

Kyla (@kbctbikiniadventure) believes realistic expectations and goals are important “Don’t expect to see a six pack in 12 weeks if you have a high body fat percentage. Your body fat needs to be at least 16% for a six pack to show unless you’re genetically predisposed to one popping through your fat. I was able to stick to the programme [BBG] ONLY because my goal wasn’t based on physical features (otherwise I would have given up.) My goal was to gym 6 days a week first thing in the morning (05:00am)…and I stuck to it which is why I finished the guides 3 times”


3.  Make a workout schedule that works for you and your circumstances

Jacqui (@beatsandbbg) advises that you set a BBG schedule that works for you. “Take into account work, varsity, sleep and the social activities you typically do. Slot BBG and LISS in around those activities. Once you’ve made a plan, go week by week. It is a lot less intimidating than going month by month”.


4.  Find Fit Friends

Working out with others makes it easier to get started and keep going. Kayla Itsines advises teaming up with a workout buddy. “Find a friend so you can motivate and push each other on your health and fitness journey.”

If you don’t know who to ask, tap into the BBG community. Georgie (@cacaokalesquats) says, “Immerse yourself in the BBG community – it will motivate you on a daily basis”


5.  Focus on form and get help if need be

Having proper form not only ensures you work out correctly, but it also prevents injuries. Lucinda (@fit_metalhead) believes you should get your form right and then push yourself. “If you’re a newbie to exercise, team up with someone experienced to help you with your form”

[bctt tweet=”Choosing a program is the easiest part… But sticking to it… That’s the toughest part” username=”nutreats”]


6. Don’t be afraid to switch things up

Listen to your body and adjust the plan accordingly. Lucinda (@fit_metalhead) found some of the [BBG] exercises a bit too much on her knees. To alleviate the pressure she introduced her own modifications as she went along. “It took some planning. Reviewing each week’s exercises and either switching it around so that the Plyometric moves don’t follow one another or replacing it with another move that is still challenging”.


7. Invest in Proper gear

What you wear to workout is not only about looks, but functionality. If you invest in one thing, Dune Spencer Ross (@dunes_fitlife) advises it be your gym shoes. “Make sure that you have the correct gyming shoes. This is not just for BBG but for any fitness journey. Having the right gear to start with can save you a lot of pain and injury later on”


8.  If you want to see results, change your diet

You don’t need to go crazy with restrictions but as Tayla (@bbgtaylasouthafrica_) puts it, if you want to see results, “definitely change your diet”.


9.  Choose between Skinny and Strong

Yes you can be skinny and strong and fit. However, most exercise programs will make you gain muscle – which may add weight to your frame. “If you want to be skinny, then I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to be stronger then go for the guide” Tayla (@bbgtaylasouthafrica_).  This is also why progress pictures are so important – a picture reveals a lot more than the scale when it comes to getting fitter and stronger.


10. Never give up

You may start and not be able to finish a set, but be patient. “Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do 2 full rounds in the 7 minutes. That will come with the time.” Lucinda (@fit_metalhead)

There may be days where your workout plans don’t go as planned. Life happens and things will have to change around sometimes. Whatever you do, when you start, Don’t quit. Don’t give up” Jacqui (@beatsandbbg)

Or days when the motivation just isn’t there. “Don’t be hard on yourself. There will be days when you don’t feel motivated to work out or days where you will struggle to finish a session and that’s not the end of the World, as there is always tomorrow to try again.” Georgie (@cacaokalesquats)


The above list of what to know before starting BBG can be applied no matter what fitness program you choose. As Deborah commented here “Choosing a program is the easiest part… But sticking to it… That’s the toughest part.”


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