People hate new years resolutions because more often than not before January is even up, the resolutions have died. Sometimes we’re at fault for not being disciplined enough at pushing ourselves but sometimes the universe conspires against us and throws curveballs so large that pushing through your goals have to take a backseat to pushing through every hour.


What I have learned in the past 6 years and particularly in the past 2 weeks is that you can’t prepare or plan for everything, but what you can do is have tools at your disposal to help you when the going gets tough.


We’ve partnered with a few amazing brands to create a fresh take on a workspace that can adapt to whatever life has in store for you, so when curveballs show up – giving up on yourself isn’t your go-to move. Read on because one lucky reader is going to win this full kit.


The workspace


The typical view on productive workspaces usually involves a clean desk in an office. What if you don’t have an office? What if you’re confined to bed? What if you have to sit on the floor of a waiting room for days? What if your couch is your go-to spot?


One of our Favorite brands Deskstand, who are masters of the standing desk. They recently launched a Wavy Sit-Stand Table. When I saw it for the first time, my initial thought was it would be amazing for doing work in bed. What I didn’t realise is how useful it would be for many other scenarios including sitting in waiting rooms, on couches and floors. Without being able to balance a laptop or workbook on your lap, to be able to comfortably work without hurting your back, you could be wasting hours every day.


The Wavy Sit-Stand Table has meant that any space can become a productive workspace. It completely removes excuses like “I couldn’t do it because xyz caused me to be out of the office, so I had no choice.” I am writing this article on the wavy table and without it, I would’ve used the above excuse.


wavy table


About the Wavy Sit-Stand Table

  • First and foremost, it is lightweight and portable.
  • It flatpacks
  • When the side legs clip out, it measures 360mm deep x 540mm wide (including legs) x 235m height.
  • It has ventilation holes for your laptop or devices
  • The top surface has a 6mm groove that can be used as a pen holder or anti-spill
  • It is made with a wood material in a natural Birch finish
  • It is handmade at Deskstand in Cape Town, making it proudly South African
  • It retails for R395
  • They deliver for free anywhere in South Africa within 3-10 business days.
  • Get it here


The Accountability Partner


Having something drive you to make goals and take action daily is incredibly useful for staying the path. It is unrealistic for this something to be a real live person and sometimes we fail ourselves because we don’t know how to organise our thoughts and take action. Having a diary/ journal is incredibly important and way more powerful than any app I have ever tried.


Over the past 3 years I have experimented with different types of journaling systems, so when I received the Lorna Jane Active Living Journal I knew I had found a winning combination. It so beautifully combined elements of journals I loved and eliminated the things that didn’t work.



About the Lorna Jane Active Living Journal

  • It’s stunning. No, looks aren’t everything, but having a beautiful diary you can proudly display on your desk makes it easier to plan and schedule.
  • It has monthly calendars allowing you to see an overview of big events every month
  • It fits a week on two pages. In the past, I’ve favoured diaries that used a page every day. What happened was I used the entire page with an exhausting and unrealistic to do list. I now have 10 lines per day, which means prioritising tasks and being able to tackle them instead of ending each day with half a list undone.
  • It has a 2018 goals section in the beginning, so you can set goals for your year and look at them often to see how you’re doing
  • A wrap-up section at the back to allow you to review your year come December.
  • There are also a few delicious and easy recipes in the back – I’ve already made the nice cream sandwiches, which were great!
  • It retails for R599
  • Get it here


Lorna Jane Active Living Journal

The Distraction Killing Accessories


Journals need pens, people need fuel (for many that fuel is coffee) and when the distraction twitches start causing us to reach for our phones or do anything but work, we need something to snap us out of it.


Enter Big Blue Online. Big Blue started in 1986 as a POP-UP store and flea market and since then have opened 21 stores and expanded to online retail. Their range is so extensive (clothing, gifts, homeware) but it is their stationery/ workspace items caught our attention.


The Back Scratch pen

The Back Scratch Pen


Our journal needed a pen, so we handpicked this backstretch pen – because when you have an itch, that itch needs a scratch. The hand portion is extendable for really tall people and it screws off to reveal the black inked pen below.


The Back Scratch Pen

It retails for R100, get it here


The Fuel holder


Because no coffee means no workee, every workspace needs a mug. This one caught our eyes, but they have other gems too.


This one retails for R120, get it here


The Distraction/ Stress Buster

Pac Man Stress Ball


If your hand has a stress ball in it, can it reach for your phone? And if your stress ball looks like pac-man, why would you want to let it go?


The pac-man stress ball retails for R100, get it here


Big Blue deliver internationally and offer free local delivery for orders over R500.


The Snacks


When you’re finally in a zone and the munchies hit, if you have a healthy snack nearby you’re less likely to reach for the not so good for you junk food. Fruit is a great alternative to chocolates and sweets but it isn’t always possible to keep perishables on hand. That is why we love Nature’s Delicacies. Distributors of Nakd and Trek, they always have our snacking needs covered.


One of our favourites are Nakd Bars. Nãkd Bars are made from just raw fruits and nuts ‘smooshed’ together. Containing 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups, these bars are also wheat, dairy and gluten free. They come in 10 delicious insane flavours that actually taste like their descriptions and they fit easily in any bag or pocket.



Find them both online and in store – full list of stockists are here.


January might be half gone but it is never too late to approach the year with a blank space and fresh perspective to smash your 2018 goals. Want to win all of the above to help you do that?


For more details on each product, follow us on Instagram and check out our Instagram stories.



[UPDATE: This Competition is now Closed, congrats Lucinda Viljoen for winning!]


There are 3 ways to enter, and each way gives you 1 entry:


  • Tell us in the comments of this article why you want to win this
  • Like and comment on this Facebook post why you want to win this and tag 2 friends who’d want to win this too (you need to be following us on facebook)
  • Like and comment on this Instagram post why you want to win this and tag 2 friends who’d want to win this (you need to be following us on Instagram)


By entering this competition, you accept our t’s&c’s. Competition ends 30 January 2018


This prize contains 1x Deskstand Wavy Sit-Stand Table, 1 x Lorna Jane Active Living Diary 2018, 1x Big Blue Back Scratch Pen, 1x Big Blue Pac-Man Stress Ball, 1x Big Blue No Coffee No workee Mug, 5x Nakd Bars (flavors will vary) from Nature’s Delicacies.


This prize is provided by each brand and will be delivered by Nutreats.


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  • Joyce van der Berg
    January, 31, 2018

    I would love to win this because there is something for my whole family! The table and diary would be useful for me to keep my life organised. The pen, stress ball and mug would be useful for my hubby at work. The nak’d bars, my toddler loves them!

  • Shahn van Zyl
    January, 31, 2018

    I would love to surprise my wife this Valentines’ day with these prizes, they are just what she likes:
    1. Deskstand Table – she’s always reading or browsing in bed with a cuppa
    2. Living Diary – she’s the only person I know that still plans her everyday work in a written diary
    3. Scratch Pen – I’m always called to administer emergency back scratches
    4. Pac-Man Stress Ball – I think I’ll keep that one 😉
    5. Big Blue No Coffee No workee Mug – she loves her Bulletproof coffee I make with coconut
    6. She’s the most health conscious person I know and if it’s not banting-friendly I’d love those Nakd Bars!

  • Jenny
    January, 31, 2018

    How awesome!

  • melissa cook
    January, 31, 2018

    This is so awesome!!!!!!!!! Fabulous to plan my life and set aside time for goals. Lovely items to remind me to slow down and be mindful and then – to go forth and conquer. AWESOME

  • Melanie Pretorius
    January, 30, 2018

    I’m focusing more on my writing this year and this would be the perfect starter kit as I could use all the motivation in the world as I tend to lose focus or focussing on more than one thing at a time, in turn neglecting what’s most important. I’m an insomniac so late nights are my thing and the “fuel” cup and healthy snacks will keep my motivated to do my best while staying hydrated.

  • Megan
    January, 30, 2018

    I would love to win this to kickstart my year the right way and launch me into success. I am balancing matric and trying to remain as active as possible, training for a 21km run. This kit would be the perfect help !

  • Natasha Maggott
    January, 30, 2018

    A new slate, a clean page, is given to us in 2018.
    All of these goodies seem so great let me explain what I mean…
    A desk table is all I ever wanted,
    I’ve been nagging my hubby for ages.
    A journal would come handy,
    As I ink up its many pages.
    Now all won’t be rosy,
    worry and fret meets one and all.
    Not to fear…I’ll grab my pac-man stress ball.
    As my journal makes many entries there is another blank that needs to be topped-up.
    My tummy of course, coffee and snacks…before or after sup.

  • Lynnith Andreou
    January, 30, 2018

    Oh wow! This completely me!! Last year I started my own business from home, and it was rather bumpy with lots of learning curves! This year, 2018, is THE year! Lots of goals set, and I want to use my time more efficiently to make this a memorable year! As for the coffee, yes lots of it, stress ball, phew for sure and awesome snacks, workspace, journals, yes please! All would be awesome in my journey to success in what I love!

  • Karen Salhab
    January, 30, 2018

    Land up working in bed a lot and it really does my back / neck no favours. Would love to start 2018 with a new workspace in my regular workspot.

  • Sarah Stuart
    January, 26, 2018

    Love it!Hit 2018 rocking in style and reduce stress levels!
    No more nail biting with all these FAB goodies!

  • jenny black
    January, 23, 2018

    Just love this – perfect for those week nights & weekends i have to bring work home!

  • NIkki
    January, 22, 2018

    I would love to win this amazing work space because my back is always in need of a good scratching .Im always laying on my bed trying to attempt to find a good position to lay but I just cant get comfy which means i cant be productive.I definitely need a good cuppa by my side and I know that the stress ball will be my partner in crime and I love the beautiful Lorna Jane diary , I have been trying to get in to the fancy planner trend and I love the creative ways you can decorate planners .One of my New years resolutions has been to do more planning and learn how to write in a more creative way and also read more and last but not least and most important I Need some sweet treats to keep me sane
    Thank you
    I really hope to win this awesome prize
    Thank you Enjoy your Day

  • Dennis
    January, 22, 2018

    Great prize, it’ll make working from home so much more enjoyable

  • Allison
    January, 22, 2018

    I just love all these prizes. I would love to win, I am finally taking the plunge and starting my own company so I will be spending HOURS behind my laptop and I forsee many many a stressful day ahead. To top it all off I start doing a diploma this week as well. Talk about a crazy start to 2018!

  • Adeline Pillay
    January, 21, 2018

    The wavy sit-stand table will help me when I need to study & do assignments.
    The diary is where I will write my goals, my feelings, events that happened & whatever I need to remember.
    A new mug to drink my coffee in. A stressball & back scratcher to help me destress.
    Nakd bars to help me along my healthy weightloss journey.
    It would be truly amazing to win these awesome products.

  • Sabine
    January, 20, 2018

    cause it sounds exactly like what I need this year 🙂

  • Natalie
    January, 20, 2018

    I’m planning to work from home more this year to be able to fetch my daughter earlier from Grade 1 and the Sit-Stand Table is perfect as balancing the laptop while sitting in bed doesn’t work as well.

  • Thandie Phakati
    January, 19, 2018

    I have always been one of those people with a very low attention span. Very often, my 5 year old twin boys have to ask me why i never finished what i was doing lol because i am easily distracted. Would really love this so that i can learn to focus so that even my boys can learn this awesome skill.

  • Dominica Bergman
    January, 19, 2018

    I would like to win this prize because it would make my work easier, faster and more fun.

  • Nandipha Silika
    January, 19, 2018

    Oh em gee, I hope I win this because I am a full time employee, part time Honours student and most importantly a mom to a very happy and hyper 9 month old baby. This would be perfect for when I’m doing my research late at night when the little girl is asleep. I really really hope I win it.

  • Alecia Alexander
    January, 19, 2018

    I would like to win this prize because its the perfect items to have at your desk for relaxing and focus in the office. I am currently pregnant and I don’t know what my journey would be like in the office as this will be my first but I know these products will lighten up my days and give me the upliftment I will need from day to day. Awesome products. Fingers crossed!

  • ann foster
    January, 19, 2018

    oh would love to win this
    esp since I am going to spend a LOT of time working// studying this year- full time job followed by night classes 5 nights ( sometimes 6 nights ) a week, PLUS 4 board exams to write ( and pass!)
    everything in this package would be much needed! and used and appreciated

  • Andrea
    January, 19, 2018

    I work from home quite often and being pregnant means that I spend more time on the bed resting so having this fresh workspace will help me tons with my working from home situation

  • Mikayla
    January, 19, 2018

    Why I want to win this ?

    There are many reason why I would wan to win this prize. But I will start with the important one . I’ve been working since I finish matric in 2014 to help out with thing at home , I live with my grandmother and two younger sister .
    Every year I do what I can towards my studies adding a new course or something regarding my future .
    But this year im close to my dreams , studying something I truly care about and that’s paramedics helping which great cause final able to do what was set on this world to do .
    I don’t have much money or really any to buy these greats things . So it will help a lot final making a year , this year something worth while.
    So fingers cross that I do win.

  • Michael van Niekerk
    January, 17, 2018

    I will be studying Journalism at UCT this year and I know there are going to be MANY sleepless nights and weekends in studying and doing assignments, so I think that I actually need this to survive this year.

  • Anastasia Smith
    January, 17, 2018

    I want to get healthier & winning this will help me on my journey.

  • Jacoba van der merwe
    January, 17, 2018

    This Wavy Sit-Stand Table would be awesome to have – I can use it to put my tablet/laptop/kindle/smart phone on and I don’t have to worry about my devices overheating because it allows for ventilation. The Wavy Sit-Stand Table also has a tablet or smart phone slot – which means I can read my e-books and watch my videos on my kindle/tablet/smart phone handsfree!

  • Annette Hamann
    January, 17, 2018

    Absolutely stunning

  • Samantha Dube
    January, 17, 2018

    I would love to win the sit-stand I’m working on setting up my blogging and writing and would really love to be able to work from home. The @lornajanesa has been on my wishlist but it’s too pricey for me. I know my productivity levels will go up with it. The recipes will push my nutrition which needs helps. The accessories from @bigbluesouthafrica will come in handy when writing. Nakd bars handy snacks for my much needed snack breaks. Writing can be exhausting.

  • Natasha Prince
    January, 16, 2018

    I would like to win the Lorna Jane dairy. It will assist me with my journey forward. In keeping track what I have put in my body and alas I how it makes me feel and look. Not only that I will have a place where I c a n always refer too.

  • Tasneem Cassim Maganlal
    January, 16, 2018

    I would love to win because as a high school English teacher I bring home lots of marking and the wonderful desk would allow me to mark comfortably in bed. I love the mug as I always start my day with coffee and even my learner’s know it. The pen and journal would come in handy for taking down minutes of department meetings and setting teaching and lesson plan goals. The stress ball would be used every time a learner gives me a hard time as I can use it to relax. The snacks would be perfect during break.

  • Martie Schoeman
    January, 16, 2018

    Why would I want to win this? This is exactly what I need theDeskstand Wavy Sit-Stand (as I sit with my laptop on my lap. Not very comfy. The Lorna Jane Active Living Diary 2018 would help me write a journal what I does and eat, Thei Big Blue Back Scratch Pen is a must for me always borrow hubby’s., The Big Blue Pac-Man Stress Ball will keep me focussed. , Big Blue No Coffee No workee Mug would love this! 5 x Nakd Bars (flavors will vary) from Nature’s Delicacies would love the natural snacks. Fingers crossed for this awesome prizes.

  • Lucinda Viljoen
    January, 16, 2018

    I want to win this prize as I am starting a new job on Monday at an ad/tech and will definitely earn some cool points with the new boss with that Pacman stressball! On a more serious note tho, I would love the Desktand prize as having an office job where I am sitting the bulk of the day, is not ideal. Oh and that diary is the perfect planner for an organized individual such as myself.