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This month 5 beauty finds is inspired by ads that keep getting fed to me on Instagram. Revlon and Labello’s ad game have been strong enough to have instafluenced me. Every time I saw these ads, my interest grew and I was tempted to give them all a shot. These are all products I use in my everyday makeup routine and both brands are affordable. Were they as good as they looked? Find out below…


Revlon Colorstay Glaze & Velour Eyeshadow Stick

Revlon-Colorstay Glaze-Velour-Eyeshadow-Stick.jpgThe Details

These eyeshadow sticks are supposed to offer one swipe matte or metallic finish eyes that wear all day. One side is the shadow stick while the other has a smudging sponge end. Both the glaze and velour come in 6 shades.

Good For

Easy quick eyeshadow application.

The Review

This was the biggest letdown purchase. Firstly, prior to purchase, the ads I was seeing only showed the Glaze and didn’t mention the matte option. (This is why the velour isn’t photographed).

I chose to buy the beige (named Lustre) as I use a light brush of neutral shadow often. What I thought I’d be getting was a soft shimmery cream shade. What I got was a GLITTERY cream shade. There is a big difference. The glitter was overkill for an everyday look and by the end of the day glitter particles had made their way across my entire face and hands, I looked like I was trying to audition for Twilight. (I may have rubbed my eyes, but still!)

I definitely wouldn’t use it again in a hurry. My second complaint, relevant to the velour as well, is that the shadow stick is thinner than the tube. This means that when you roll it up to apply, it wiggles instead of standing still, and feels like it will snap at any moment. I also didn’t find the sponge end useful for blending.

After this use test I saw an ad showing the velour and figured maybe the matte would be better. I chose the matching shade (named Chiffon). It applies horribly, it is so matte at the start that you really have to press hard to get pigment on your eyelid. Firstly, pulling gentle eyelid skin like that is not a great idea. Secondly, because you have to press so hard, the skinniness of the stick is especially challenging. Its only redeeming factor is that it is a brilliant primer for liquid eyeliner. My eyeliner stayed put all day. If only it was a user-friendly product.

Available here (R119.95)


Revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken 5 in 1 Concealer

Revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken 5 in 1 ConcealerThe Details

This concealer is said to be infused with caffeine and vitamin C. It promises to erase, perfect, brighten, hydrate and refresh skin. It is transfer proof, buildable and offers natural coverage.

Good For

Quick flawless concealing.

The Review

I love this concealer so much. It is easy to apply, and the applicator deposits a good amount of product – not too much spilling out at once. The spongy applicator feels great on the under-eye area. It blends into the skin very well, brightens, conceals decently without feeling like you’re wearing much and once it settles in, looks like skin.

My only complaint is that it feels like there is very little product in the tube. After only 2 weeks of use, it really needed to be squeezed to get product pumping out. It feels like it empties at an alarming rate. With the tube not being see-through it’s hard to tell actual product levels and a month later, it isn’t finished yet, so maybe it’s a tube feel and not reality.

I chose shade 001 which is their universal neutralizer which isn’t an exact match for my skin tone but somehow magically blends in. I’d definitely be keen to try out their other shades, like 002 ‘universal brightener’. This is for sure going to become my new go to.

Available in Dischem stores (R169.95)


Revlon ColorStay Line Creator Double Ended Eyeliner

Revlon ColorStay Line Creator Double Ended EyelinerThe Details

This duo eyeliner is a versatile, double-sided liner for endless eye looks. The kohl blends into a smoky shadow and it promises waterproof all day wear and is waterline safe. It comes in two shades called Blackout and Leathercraft.

Good For

Those who appreciate a kohl and liquid liner and want convenience in one.

The Review

I opted to try the classic black. This liner delivers as promised but requires skill to use. I struggle with brush liquid liners. Even though the brush head is small enough to create thin lines, you have to have a very steady hand and an artist’s eye. I find liquid liner pens much more forgiving – the sturdy tips make them easier to apply. My other gripe with the liquid side is how hard it is to remove completely, even though a wing look does fade through the day, I found that after using both makeup remover followed by an exfoliating face wash, I was still left with liner residue along my eyelashes.

The kohl side is great, if you like a kohl, you’ll love this – it applies very easily and seamlessly, blends out nicely and lasts decently. My only question would be, how do you sharpen a retractable kohl once blunt?

Available in Dischem Stores (R179)


Labello Caring Lip Oil

Labello Caring Lip OilThe Details

Labello caring lip oil is a nourishing non-sticky lip oil, that offers a glossy finish. They come in 3 shades (clear, nude and pink).


Good For

A swipe of non-sticky lip gloss.

The Review

I chose the clear glow. As suspected, this is very much a rebranded old school lip gloss rather than how I see an oil. It has the classic lip gloss consistency but isn’t sticky. It smells great, looks great and actually leaves your lips feeling moisturized all day – long after it has worn off. If you’re looking for shine that you can wear alone or on top of a lipstick, you will likely enjoy this.

Available here (R79.99)

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