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Urban Veda Radiance Body Wash

Urban Veda Radiance Body WashThe Details

This cleansing and restorative body wash contains Aryuvedic Turmeric and a botanical infusion of Marigold, Patchouli and Coriander.


Good For

Dry skin and helps to revitalise lack-lustre skin by softening and boosting all-over skin tone and radiance.

The Review

This is the most delicious smelling and feeling body wash. I was expecting a stronger herbal scent and was very pleasantly surprised to find it to be more of a softer and sweet scent. I am having trouble identifying exactly what it smells like, but I think the light musky scent from the marigold and the sweetness from the Patchouli are front and center.

The gel itself is soft and silky and leaves your skin feeling the same. It feels luxe and with its higher than the average body wash price tag, it isn’t something I’d use every day but rather reserve for once a week or when I’m feeling like an extra boost.

Available here (R159 for 200ml)


The Victorian Garden Cocoa and Mafura Butter Hair Masque

The Victorian Garden Cocoa and Mafura Butter Hair MasqueThe Details 

This rich conditioning hair masque is made with African Coca and Marufa butter, combined with Argan oil, orange oil and Rosemary leaf oil. The vitamin C from the orange oil gives the hair a nutritive boost from the roots and the rosemary oil helps with dry scalp.

Good For

Dry, overprocessed and colored hair. They instruct to use it regularly to increase shine, strength and manageability.

The Review

Firstly, of utmost importance, this hair masque requires pre-planning – the tub instructs you to apply it to damp hair, wrap a towel around it from 10-20 minutes, unwrap it allowing it to dry and then gently shampooing and rinsing it out thoroughly. It can be left on overnight.

It has a thick aqueas cream like consistency and the Rosemary scent comes through very boldly. It applies to the hair very easily and surprisingly doesn’t leave your hair with a slimy conditioner feel, which I usually enjoy. Once unwrapping the towel and leaving it to dry, the hair dries very stiff (as can be expected) but doesn’t leave any residue on your pillow should you keep it in all night. It washes out very easily and doesn’t require you to finish off with a regular conditioner. In terms of results, my hair was left feeling soft and looking shiny, however I do style my hair and the above effects are usual by products of styling. I haven’t used it for long enough to notice a general improvement to my hairs condition, but regardless, the treatment in enjoyable and a great addition to a self-care Sunday routine.

Available here (R189 for 250ml)


Bliss Holistic Living Lip Balm

Bliss Holistic Living Lip BalmThe Details

This eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable lip balm comes in a small glass tub and is made from shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil infused with peppermint oil and a blend of rose oils.

Good For

Those who love buttery lip balms and sustainability in a brand is important to you

The Review

It has a thick hardened butter consistency but applies like a dream in a soft buttery thin layer – it melts into your lips. The scent is mainly peppermint-centric but to those sensitive to rose scents, the undercurrent of rose may be bothersome. I love it after washing my face before bedtime as the peppermint zing adds to a clean-face, teeth-just-brushed and ready-for-bed feel.

Available here (R70 for 28ml)


Benefit Roller Lash

Benefit Roller LashThe Details

Benefit’s roller lash is a super-curling and lifting mascara that grabs, separates, lifts and curls lashes and its formula then holds them in place for 12 hours.

Good For

Those wanting an easy to apply mascara that gives a natural look.

The Review

The mini tube I have visually looks different to what I have found online but the wand looks the same. I love that it’s available in a mini as my experience with mascaras has been that they dry up before they’re finished.

I am super picky when it comes to mascara. I am always after the most natural look. I dislike formulas that are either too liquid to give an impact or apply too thick. I abhor clumps, I like to be able to wiggle the wand through a few times in order to get a separated fluffy look and usually, it takes time for an open mascara to age a little (due to air pumping in it) for me to love it.

From first try I loved Roller Lash. It applies beautifully. its silicone bristles gently grip your lashes and expertly deposit formula evenly. It delivers on everything it says it does and truly gives you a curled, lifted and separated lash look that is subtle but impactful.

Available here (R240 for the mini tube)


Rouge Dior 999 Velvet

Rouge Dior 999 VelvetThe Details

Rouge Dior is a refillable lipstick that comes in 4 couture finishes; satin, matte, metallic and the new velvet. It is enriched with pomegranate flower extracts and shea butter to provide lip care along with color. Its casing is adorned with a new signature band featuring the CD initials and the name Dior is imprinted on the lipstick tube. It provides a radiant long-wearing color.

999 is their iconic red shade.

Good For

A classic, bold and matte red lip

The Review

This lipstick seamlessly applies and feels soft on the lips. The color is punchy and bold and truly a perfect matte red. Even though it does transfer, after blotting and drinking both cold and hot beverages the boldness and full color were still present. The only downside is that it does have a lightly perfumed floral scent to it which I don’t love on a lipstick, I would have preferred it unscented.

Available here (R865)


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