Welcome to the Listen, Learn, Do series. A series of things we learnt from podcasts that made their way into our lives.

Doctor Kelly Starrett, is a leading expert in mobility, movement, and human performance. He’s a doctor of physical therapy, CrossFit Trainer and co-founder of The Ready State which helps athletes move with more mobility and strength, while reducing injuries. 

Up until a few weeks ago I had never heard of him. And then I listened to this NTC Trained podcast episode with him where he shared his fundamentals of fitness. What was refreshing to hear was how he pushes for everyday movement and fitness instead of the latest fad in fitness. He’s concerned for your everyday movement – how easy you can sit on the floor and stand up, how good your range of motion is. He stressed the importance of a solid foundation as your starting block. Once you have that, you can go onto movement. 

He shared the following 5 fundamentals, things anyone (no matter your level of fitness) can do without stepping foot in a gym. They sound simple, but sometimes in life the simple things make the biggest difference. 

1. Walk 

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Walking is one of the best things you can do for your health. That movement helps decongest your tissues and keep them healthy. He recommends between 6000-8000 steps to keep your tissues loaded and help flush your body of toxins. It’s also, he shares, the best way to help you sleep better. So if you struggle with sleeping try adding a walk to your daily routine. 


2. Sit on the ground

When you sit on the ground you naturally move more. You need to bend to get down and up and you use more core strength than when sitting on a chair.  If you want to test your strength try sit down and get up without using your knees/hands to help you. If you can’t, work towards that goal. 

3. Eat more fruits and veggies

Focusing on eating more good things is a lot easier than focusing on what you need to cut out on. Fruits and vegetables are filled with good nutrients and prebiotic fibers which feed your gut microbiome. Include a fruit/veg into every meal and get as much variety as you can. 

4. Drink water 

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Being hydrated helps you feel energized and concentrate better. If you struggle with water eat more water rich fruit and veggies like cucumbers, lettuce, apples, watermelon and celery. Add berries/lemon to your water or choose a sugar free sparkling water. 

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5. Sleep 

Sleep is one of the best things you can do to prevent disease and function better. When you sleep, your brain starts a cleansing process which washes away all the metabolic processes that have been building up during the day. It also helps you recover faster and think clearer.

5 simple things you can today to live a healthier life.

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