On Monday, fashion retailer H&M kicked off its global “World Recycle Week Campaign”. This campaign calls for customers to bring old clothing and textiles to their nearest H&M store to be reused and recycled.


This got us thinking. How many other companies are offering consumers the opportunity to recycle with an added savings incentive? A bit of digging and we discovered 4 other companies offering some sort of bring it in and get something in return programs.


With these 5 ways to save money recycling, you can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your bank balance at the same time.


  1. H&M

This week only (18-24 April 2016), you can drop off unwanted clothing and textiles at your nearest H&M store and get 30% off your next in-store purchase. The aim of their World Recycle Week campaign is to collect 1 000 tons of old clothing from customers across their 3600 stores worldwide.

The items you drop off then get taken to a processing plant to get sorted. Items in good condition are donated as second hand goods. Items that are too worn and torn get a second life as cleaning cloths and rags. Others are converted into insulating materials and filling for car seats. Some are even woven into new fabrics. Since 2013, when H&M launched this initiative 99% of the donated pieces have been re-worn, reused or recycled.


  1. Bliss Juicery

Local juice company Bliss Juicery offers a pretty cool return and recycle program. Along with their cold pressed juices and nut milks, they make Detox Shots. These cleansing shots come in small glass bottles. For every 10 empty shot gasses you return they give you one free shot worth R20.


  1. M.A.C Cosmetics

Cosmetic company M.A.C runs the back to M.A.C recycling program. To take advantage of this, once you finish a M.A.C product, save the packaging. For every 6 primary packaging containers that are either plastic or glass, M.A.C gives you a free lipstick which retails between R210 and R285. You can return your empty M.A.C. containers at any M.A.C store or M.A.C counter.


  1. Apple iStore

Apples trade in; trade up program offers you the chance to trade in an old iphone and trade up to a newer model at a discounted rate. To get your old iphone traded, you need to go to the Apple website, select the device you want to trade in and print out that trade-in voucher. Take the voucher to your neared iStore along with the device where its value is evaluated. Once approved and all the documentation is submitted, you get cash back via EFT within 4 days.


  1. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile’s recycle program is called Trade & Save. Virgin accepts any phone of any age, even those that don’t work. Take it into your nearest Virgin store for an assessment. Based on the assessed value you get a Trade-in discount in store to use within 30 days. You don’t have to use that to purchase a new phone, the value of your traded in phone can be used to pay off your account, buy accessories and airtime.


Know of any other ways to save money recycling? Let us know!




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