These 10 female fitness personalities may have different diets, fitness philosophies and body shapes but the common thread that weaves throughout them is that these women don’t just talk health and fitness – they live it.


From yoga instructors, Bikini competitors, personal trainers, wellness experts, nutritionists and biokineticists, these women make a living by helping people become their fittest and healthiest self.


Fitness tips are a dime a dozen, so we asked these women to give us just one – the best fitness tip they have. Take these pearls of wisdom from their arsenal and use them to find your fit.

8 Best Fitness Tips


Sarah Hall, Bikini Model and Exercise Rehabilitation Biokineticist

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Sarah Hall


It’s always going to be tough to follow a diet, to make that extra cardio session, to have enough energy to work a full day and still be a father, mother, colleague etc.  My number 1 rule with all my clients [is] JUST SHOW UP. Show up to your training session, show up to your meeting, show up to your day.  Bring everything you have, when you feel you have nothing left and I promise you, you will get there.







Lisa Raleigh, Wellness Expert

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Lisa Raleigh


My easy-to-remember fitness tip is ‘CVI’.

Consistency: Forget the all or nothing approach! Generally sticking to a sensible training schedule will serve you far better than going flat out for a few weeks then throwing in the towel for long stretches in between.

Variety: Our bodies adapt quickly. It’s essential to keep yours guessing by varying your workouts as much as possible. This breaks through fitness plateaus – and keeps you interested and motivated as well.

Intensity: HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the most efficient way to blast fat and tone up. This means shorter workouts of challenging, explosive sets of resistance training back-to-back, with short – sometimes active – rests.




Candice Bodington, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Candice Bodington



Never compare your fitness journey with another’s.

We are all our own being, we all have our own journey and challenges to face, be it in the present or to come. The only judgment that should be made is on the choices we make to improving ourselves for ourselves every day. [and] You can never out exercise a bad diet!






Aneeka Buys, Personal Trainer and Women’s Health Next Fit Star Top 5

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Aneeka Buys


Keep your workouts challenging and enjoyable. There’s nothing worse than being bored with your workouts. Fitness isn’t something that is seasonal. It’s a part of our lifestyle. It only makes sense that you absolutely love and thoroughly enjoy something that you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life.








Mia Kempen, Personal Trainer and fitness fanatic

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Mia Kempen


Variety is key. Mix things up all the time. Keep your body guessing and challenge your limits. If you do the same thing day in day out you will reach a plateau and become bored. Keep things interesting and try something new often. Even small changes can make a big difference. This is probably why I enjoy triathlon so much – 3 disciplines to focus on!








Torie Alexandra, Personal Trainer and owner of THE STUDIO

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Torie Alexandra


Quality Over Quantity!

Learning proper form is the best thing you can do for yourself on your fitness journey. If you are self-taught, you can google different exercises to read about and watch videos on exactly what your body should look like and feel like when executing a move properly.

There is no point in performing any exercise without proper form. Perfect your technique, then later you can add speed or weight.

Remember, quality over quantity always, than you can reap the rewards quicker & avoid injury!




Tegan Burger, Yoga Teacher

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Tegan Burger


The greatest fitness tip I can give is to watch your breath: Our breath is the clearest indication of stress, so try breath as much from the belly as possible and less from the chest. Take note of any pauses or holding of the breath and try allow for easy breaths. This is extremely useful during moments of anxiety or sleepless nights.

My next tip would be to work with where you are and only do your best, don’t give up when something is hard or new, instead take on the challenge and watch yourself grow






Monique Lopes, Bikini and Fitness Competitor

8 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Monique Lopez


It is easy to find motivation to start something such as exercising to achieve your own personal health and fitness goals… The difficult thing is to remain motivated to continue.  I personally am an extremely motivated person, but there are days in which the motivation levels are not quite where I’d like them to be but I remain consistent with my efforts towards achieving my health and fitness goals because it has become a habit of mine. Unfortunately, motivation is only temporary. It is important for one to understand that HABITS are what sustain your results for all time. Once you start working towards your health and fitness goal – be consistent at it – regardless of your motivation levels because it is consistency that forms habits. You need to make the decision to START ONCE AND JUST NOT STOP, no matter what – until you reach your goal. You are in control – nothing can stop you unless you allow it.


Letshego Zulu & Khethiwe Mlangeni, Co-Founders of the Pop Up Gym

10 Female Fitness Personalities share their best fitness tips - Letshego Zulu & Khethiwe MlangeniVariety is always a winner. If you vary your training sessions you’ll never get bored and your body will benefit from all round conditioning. This way, you’re sure to avoid any injuries.

For example:

Monday – Weight Training (Upper Body)

Tuesday – Running

Wednesday –  Rest Day

Thursday – Weight Training (Lower Body)

Friday – Swimming

Saturday – Cycling

Sunday – Rest Day


Remember to rest as well, because rest also plays an integral part of your body conditioning.


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