1. I don’t often follow recipes unless they’re technical and not following would result in a flop. Instead they’re inspiration with the end result resembling the original with a few changes based on ingredients I actually have. It’s why in so many recipes I share here I include a few substitution options or explanations when doing added tasks. This is a long way of saying, I enjoyed this article on recipes as templates not scripture.[Eater].


2. How minimalism can improve your fitness. [Medium]


3. Pragya Agarwal, PhD, a behavioral and data scientist explains unconscious bias and the process of unlearning them. [Goop]


4. Three runners who have managed to run despite having Type 1 Diabetes; plus some tips on running and exercising safely if your Diabetic.[Trail Mag]


5. This is the thing no one wants to think about; but knowing what to do, can make an already difficult process easier. Sam (writer of this brilliant finance book) put together a brilliantly comprehensive guide on what to do when a loved one dies. It deals with the admin that is needed with links to important documents you may need, advice and tips on things like getting copies of death certificates and ensuring dependents can survive financially while an estate is being wrapped up. It also deals with things you can do while alive and healthy to help your loved ones when you pass on. [Like a Fucking Grown Up]


6. How to use your broiler [The Kitchn].


7. “The ill-prepared selfie acquisitors don’t know what we know, what I learned in my twenties when I was a young editor at Outside: stay on the trail, pack out what you packed in, bury poop at least 200 feet from the stream, tread lightly. Nobody taught these newcomers to tread lightly. At their point of entry to the natural world—where they went for the picture that shows they were there—they don’t yet see it for the vulnerable temple it is.” A wonderful longish essay that explores nature and the need to record it on social meal – lessons learned at the most instagrammable outdoor spots. [Outside Online]


8.How to clean dirty takkies with or without a washing machine. If you have a nice pair of sneakers you’re afraid of washing yourself I’ve used The Sneaker Shack and they’ve done a brilliant job. [Mind Body Green]


9. How to pick a perfectly ripe avocado depending on when you want to eat it. [Well + Good]

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