1. How to create a password that is actually secure [Free Code Camp].


2. “It’s not realistic to think that we can stick with our healthy habits 100 percent of the time. And that’s okay.” A look at the difference between performance and health and why you should give up the idea of balance [GQ].


3. The secret to building meaningful relationships is positive alacrity. Here’s what that is [Pocket].


4. A look at 7 fitness trends of the last decade that went almost as fast as they came. I still have my vibrams [Bustle].


5. The 7 best hiking trails to do in Cape Town [The Incidental Tourist].


6. With the holidays fats approaching there’ll be more time spent with family. Here’s how to create boundaries with toxic family members. Allure have also gone further and done an entire series on creating boundaries which you can find here [Allure].


7. How the couple behind the stunning food blog Green Kitchen Stories get their kids to eat more veggies [The Chalkboard Mag].


8. Before you throw out used tea bags read this to see how to reuse them [Well + Good].


9. A clinical psychologist on helping a friend who is going through a tough time [Vox].



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