1 “Don’t go your whole life without actually trying to see how good you can be because you’re afraid that you might not reach a desired goal.” This gem comes from this GQ piece on why it’s better to run fast than far, an article which is more than just advice for running… it’s advice for living. [GQ]

2 Have you tried skin icing? That is using ice on your face as a beauty treatment which is apparently the secret to glowing skin. Here’s exactly why to ice and how to do it. All of this is making me want to pull out my long forgotten ice-roller at the back of the freezer. [Vogue]

3 Tips from Charles Duhigg on how to be a better communicator. He’s the author of the best habit book out there (the power of habits) and his new book “supercommunicators” is on out TBR list. [Time]

4 13 tips for organising your fridge so food stays fresher for longer and for local products that help you store food better click here. [Food52]

5 For the adventurous who prefer adventure without crowds – 11 of the most remote places to travel to. [Outside Online]

6 If you’ve ever experienced the pain of “doing something to your back” by just moving, this is for you – the habits that can really hurt your back. [Self]

7 7 steps to making the most stylish bed complete with diagrams on how to place your pillows. [Apartment Therapy]

8 Saving these whiskey cocktails for Friday night’s cocktail hour. [Bon Appetit]

9 5 things to do more of and 3 things to less of to improve your mental health. [Mind Body Green]

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