1. Cold plunging is everywhere. I’m a fan of icy dips in the pool in the summer but a cold shower can also work. If you want to get into it, here’s how to cold plunge right so you get all the benefits. [MindBodyGreen]
  2. This 5 step financial self-care routine is smart and practical. [NPR]
  3. If you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel, these trends are ones to skip. [WSJ]
  4. What not to drink on an airplane. [NY Post]
  5. How to use the crisp drawer in your fridge correctly. [Bon Appetite]
  6. 5 ways to recover from burnout. [Vogue]
  7. Tax season has started, here’s answers to common questions and for the easiest Tax return process use TaxTim – check them out over here and use code FEIGEB88767E for a 20% discount (valid for the first 5 users).
  8. Weleda is 20% off here so I got the foot balm for summer ready feet.
  9. How to reduce stress in 5 minutes. [Goop]
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