1. “Once you push yourself over the edge, you fully understand what your body is capable of doing. This is why people get addicted to running. I think it’s the closest we get to nirvana.” Intrigued? Read these 9 steps to get started running (or improve your running). [GQ]

2. Plastic recycling does not work and will never work. [The Atlantic]

3. A runner’s guide to strength training. [Runner’s World]

4. Great tips on decluttering your digital devices that I need to implement. [Goop]

5. Your personality explained by your annoying household habits is a laugh. [The New Yorker]

6. Becoming a more efficient runner isn’t about your shoes or even speed, it’s about your sixth sense – proprioception. Here’s how to hone that skill. [Outside Online]

7. A simply genius trick for removing grease stains from clothing. [Food52]

8. The best superfood to have for more energy. [Mind Body Green]

9. The cure to jet lag is exercise. [Well + Good]

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