1. “It’s not just the idea that everyone has the same 24 hours, it’s that hours are the same, that they’re interchangeable. That’s an incredibly culturally-specific idea that doesn’t really square with human experience.” – from this interview with the author of Productivity Bros on productivity, time and why we don’t all have the same 24 hours. [GQ]
  2. An interesting piece on the effort of beauty and the fiction that is celebrity beauty. [The Outline]
  3. Meal prepping hacks from the King of Meal prepping. [NPR]
  4. There was a month long period last year (most likely spring time) where Woolies stocked garlic scapes. A sucker for any new produce I bought them. I don’t remember how I used them but the results were meh. I wish I had this guide on cooking with garlic scapes then. I’ll be saving it for next time I see them. [Bon Appetite]
  5. Do you order a few different dishes to share when eating out with someone else or do you order the same thing? [Vogue]
  6. How to track and improve your heart health. [Cronometer]
  7. You shouldn’t be using the same shampoo and conditioner, here’s why. [Mind Body Green]
  8. 5 Things to do on rest days to actually recover. [Women’s Health]
  9. How to get comfortable making bold decisions. [HBR]
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