1 “To feel good on a regular basis, adjust your expectations so you can be pleased with something you actually do. This doesn’t mean you are lowering your expectations… It means you are lingering on your gains the way you already linger on your losses”. One of four ways to be happier. [TCM]

2 I’ve done physical therapy twice – both times I was injured/not feeling right. The first time was to deal with a painful ITB injury which made running excruciating. A few sessions and weeks of band exercises and the pain disappeared. The second time was for my back which constantly felt sore to the point I couldn’t comfortably lie down on it. For that I did Body Balancing and sure enough a few sessions and some at-home exercises and the pain disappeared. For me it’s always been an injury treatment, but it shouldn’t be. According to Joe Holder, physical therapy should be thought of a proactively alleviating pain, enhancing movement, and addressing your body’s specific weaknesses. Read his reasons here. [GQ]

3 Tips for hosting a weekend brunch plus 3 unfussy recipes. [Goop]

4 Our favourite nut butters are 25% off here.

5 Inside the longevity movement which isn’t only about adding years to life, it’s adding life to years. [Elle] The tips shared in this article are a lot easier to attain than The BluePrint project – but while you’re here, listen to this.

6 7 simple ways to support your immune system to help prevent you from getting sick. [Vogue]

7 The maximalist guide to a morning cup of coffee, 4 recipes included! [Food52]

8 “There’s a lot of power to editing your home—which could mean curating, moving things around, rediscovering things. We change as people and what we prioritize changes, so your space should reflect that.” – a conversation with Jeremiah Brent on making a house, a home. [Clever]

9 “To some, it may seem overly simplified to believe that a song can soothe the soul. But like exercise, nutrition, and sleep, we are discovering how the arts are essential for our health and wellbeing.” How music affects your brain. [Time]

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