1. Fats are part of a healthy diet, but choosing the correct ones becomes tricky. Especially as more and more research and articles come out claiming certain fats are either the cure all or end all. To make the choice of what fats you’re consuming, rather think healthy fat vs available; instead of good vs bad. And if you do just one thing, switch to the extra virgin version of any oil you’re currently using [Born Fitness]
  2. 6 places to travel to if you want a holiday that’s part exploration, part digital detox [National Geographic]
  3. This tiny chip, the size of a cufflink, can regrow any organs with just a simple touch [Men’s Health]
  4. How to quick pickle [Goop]
  5. The latest cancer breakthrough involves the use of gene therapy to train a patient’s immune system to recognize and destroy their cancer in the same way it dispatches bacteria and viruses. The strategy is the latest development in immunotherapy, a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment that uses a series of precision strikes to disintegrate cancer from within the body itself. [Time]
  6. 8 out of the box ways to treat your sore muscles [Greatist]
  7. The way you eat a corn on the cob can reveal certain personality traits. I’m the rolling pin, what are you? [Food52]
  8. 3 healthy grilled cheese recipes, the Caprese is calling my name [Kayla Itsines]
  9. A comprehensive guide to the new science of treating back pain from physical therapy to yoga to massage to acupuncture. The best thing to do when your back is sore, though is movement which turns out costs nothing [Vox]
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