1. “A hobby, by definition, is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. But in recent years, expectations have shifted: The fun activities we used to do to fill our spare time should be productive, even profitable.” from this article on side hustle culture killing hobbies. [Business Insider]
  2. A reminder to clean your earbuds and exactly how to clean them. [Self]
  3. How to eat for mental health. [The Doctor’s Kitchen newsletter]
  4. A fascinating look at what happens to the clothing we donate. [GQ]
  5. How gorgeous are these 13 libraries around the world?! [AD]
  6. This is the only cocoa I use and you can get it in this 3 pack set with their new vegan hot chocolate (10% off till the 15th).
  7. My favorite tradition is Friday night cocktail hour which means constantly looking for new cocktails to make. I’m going to work through this list of 52 cocktails which looks really good. [Food52]
  8. Why we talk to ourselves. [Goop]
  9. This is how long your kitchen appliances should last for. [The Kitchn]
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