1. Are you an audio book or paper book person? (I’m paper book) Here’s the difference between listening to a book versus reading a book, and whether one is better than the other [NY Times]
  2. 25 Things you can do with Siri that can be quite useful [Inc]
  3. To some people waking up at 5am to spend an hour exercising is hell. To me it’s heaven. I relish the early morning hours, when everything is quiet, there’s no one to answer to and you get ample time to fit in a good workout, shower and enjoy a slow breakfast. Here’s why more people are opting for slow mornings and waking earlier to do activities that prep them for the day ahead. [Wall Street Journal]
  4. This is a really good recap of some of the biggest issues and stories in sustainability in 2018 from the war on plastic straws to the study that concluded we have 12 years left if we don’t do something about environmental damage. [HBR]
  5. I came across this in The Skimm newsletter. It’s really long, but a really good read on how millennial’s have become the burnout generation. [Buzzfeed News]
  6. 10 camping hacks. [Country Life]
  7. The three big no-nos when it comes to frozen food. [Food Matters]
  8. A guide to getting rid of oily skin. [Elle]
  9. The best way to cut an onion according to a chef [Food52]
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