1. “If everyone lived from zero to 100 and matured at the same rate, it would be fair to issue sweeping comparisons. But that’s not how it works. We don’t all have the same opportunities. We don’t all take the same paths. We don’t all get the same amount of time.” From this darling of a piece called “Life’s a party, not a race”. [Cup of Jo].


2. Motion sickness causes and remedies. [Goop]


3. A war reporter on what it’s really like to report live from Ukraine right now. [Marie Claire]


4. 5 money lessons we can learn from the Tindler Swindler. [MoneyWeb]


5. A short practice to add to your bedtime routine to increase happiness. [Mind Body Green]


6. 5 ways to bounce back after a sports injury. [NPR]


7. How to stop overthinking and start trusting your gut. [HBR]


8. Everything you need to know about getting gel nail extensions, the better alternative to acrylics. [Harpers Bazaar]


9. How to store eggs and then tell if they’re still good. [Food52]

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