1. Only got 15 minutes? Here’s what you can do. Mindlessly scrolling through social media not included. [Fast Company]
  2. What happens if an astronaut dies in space? What happens with that corpse? Apparently it’ll most likely burn up in a star. But say it lands on another planet…it may just bring life to a new a world. [Astronomy]. This is especially fascinating when you consider that there is currently a project that plans on getting a group of people to go live on Mars, in fact if you sign up here you can hear a potential Mars resident speaking at the next Suits and Sneakers event
  3. The definitive superfood ranking, because some superfoods (we’re looking at you chia, coconut oil and acai) aren’t all that super. Also you now have more reason to eat chocolate, wine and blueberries – together, alone, one after the other. [Outside Online]
  4. Speaking of superfoods, coffee ranked way up here. Here’s how to use it to make your own body rub [Grace Charlotte]
  5. Running and Investing have more in common than you think [Easy Equities]
  6. The most relaxing song in the world. I’m not sure about relaxed but it just about put me to sleep. Don’t listen and drive [Elle]
  7. Self-control is an overhyped notion. According to scientists that person you think has self-control may just actually enjoy the better choice like exercise and pre-plan so that self-control doesn’t have to come into play [Vox]
  8. 46 expert tips for next week’s 947 Cycle Challenge [Bicycling]
  9. What you need to know about prostate and testicular cancer in handy infographic [GetSavvie]
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