1. “Understanding the type of networker you are can determine the quality of your work and personal life. It isn’t about how many people you know or how popular or charming you are. It’s seeing how our networks are structured that can help strengthen our connections, bring us closer, and yes, make social interactions—like networking—less awkward.” – sociologist Marissa King explains the different networking types and how to identify yours. [Goop]


2.  13 things to know about Moringa, an adaptogen known for its ability to boost energy without caffeine and combat the signs of rapid aging. You can get Moringa powder here and it’s also in this protein powder mix we love. PS. Use code NUTREATS25 at checkout to get 25% off your order. [The Chalkboard Magazine]


3.  A fantastic guide to the different types of tofu and how to use them. [Bon Appetit]


4.  Four ways to simplify your lockdown life. [Alexa Lily]


5. The pandemic has erased an entire category of friendships. [The Atlantic]


6. “I think one of the most important points about physical activity is that as we age, it becomes not less but more important to be physically active.” Scientist and author, Daniel Lieberman debunks myths around exercise and sleep. [NPR]


7. “You need to focus on creating habits for what you want rather than things you feel like you should have”. From how to build habits that make you feel good. [Shondaland]


8. Everything you need to know about skin purging. [Vogue]


9. A new study suggests that pregnant women pass Covid antibodies to newborns through the placenta. [The New York Times]

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