1. A quick but informative 101 on sunscreen [Shereene Idriss / You Tube].
  2. This brilliant essay titled “Put down the self-help books, resilience is not a DIY endeavour” is adapted from professor in social work and family therapist, Michael Ungar’s book  Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success. In it he discusses the importance of environment, rather than self to overcoming hardships and the simple fact that the things that’ll improve your life are often mundane [The Globe and Mail].
  3. Inside Instagram’s war on cyber bullying [Time].
  4. A guy by the name of Hank Scott has designed a middle seat that will make flying in the worst seat more bearable [Wired].
  5. 5 steps to healthier hair [Mind Body Green].
  6. A bunch of really cool, typography logos by designers who challenged themselves to design one logo a day [Digital Synopsis].
  7. A week of meal prep ideas filled with kid approved fruits and veg [The Kitchn].
  8. How to be a better caregiver when a loved one gets sick [NPR].
  9. Are expiration dates total bogus? [Well + Good]
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