1. This pandemic has forced many changes, and some, says Milagros Costabel, should have happened long ago. As a visually impaired person she shares how businesses have changed their operations to include things that have been incredibly helpful for those who are disabled. Not all things need to go back to “normal”.


2. The psychological benefit of having something to look forward to and why you should create small things to look forward to now. [HuffPost].


3. A trick for when you want a dish to be garlic-ish, not garlicky. [Food52]


4. If you’re looking for movies to watch, Amy has a bunch of movie reviews in alphabetical order. [A Magical World of Words].


5. “Silence online now is interpreted as silence full stop – as if a donation is worth less if it’s not made public, as if you’re weak if you choose to contribute to causes quietly.” Yomi Adegoke articulates why we need to rethink our ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ approach to activism so well. Silence online does not always equal silence offline. [Vogue]


6.  I like the idea of roasting a cauliflower and adding it to hummus. Not sure on the addition of sultanas though. [Drizzle and Drip].


7. Tips for a post lockdown (level 5) running comeback. [Trail Magazine]


8. Has lockdown changed your view on clutter? This is an interesting take on clutter and how it’s become a welcome sight when everything else is uncertain. As someone who did the Marie Kondo cleaning method, I haven’t regretted getting rid of what I did and I plan on clearing more clutter. I do however have a greater appreciation for keeping things that may be useful one day (old board games, puzzles) instead of removing every ounce of clutter. [Atlantic]


9. The pros and cons of 5 different ways to buy herbs. It’s US specific when it comes to brands/pricing, but aside for the tubed herbs all are available here and the pros and cons apply. [The Kitchen]

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