1. Dropping a few F-bombs can make you stronger and increase your pain tolerance. But before you go overboard, doing it too often lessens its effect [Inc.]
  2. Yerba Maté has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate. Sounds like a drink you need to start drinking, here’s how to make it [Francesca Eats Roses]
  3. We sit too much, so standing desks were born and they’re meant to be healthy and help you work better. Right? Well there’s a big issue with standing desks and it has to do with emotions and focus [Quartz]
  4. How to stay healthy when eating out [Choosing This]
  5. The 3 things you should be prioritizing if you want to improve your life and your happiness, and no it’s not chasing happy and doesn’t involve your smart phone and social media [Washington Post]
  6. A zesty Guacamole to make now that avos are in season [Baked By Gabriella]
  7. We already know there’s no formula for the perfect day, it’s about scheduling your day in a way that works for you and utilities your most productive hours properly. The one thing that remains true no matter how you schedule your day is that taking scheduled breaks is more effective than just taking breaks. [The Science of Us]
  8. Planning on spoiling your mother with a home cooked meal for Mother’s Day but haven’t decided on the menu? Here are 20 dishes to choose from [Taste]
  9. Last Saturday, 3 runners set out to break the 2 hour marathon. 1 runner, the world’s best marathoner in fact – Eliud Kipchoge came with 25 seconds of breaking it. This equates to about 150m short of the mark in distance. Dr Ross Tucker discusses the drafting effect (the biggest cheat of this attempt in his opinion) and if this outstanding run means breaking the 2 hour mark is near [Sport Scientist]
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