1. The link between sleep and memory [Medical Daily]
  2. We thought the Dyson Supersonic was ah-mazing and then we saw they just released a curling wand. But it’s Dyson so it’s not just a curling wand, it basically curls your hair itself with air (your strands magnetize to it!) and it comes with attachments for drying, de-frizzing and “straightening” – of course all engineered not to cause damage to your hair. Here’s the details (including the hefty price tag) [Medium]
  3. Wednesday was world mental health day, and this article on the very real benefits of occasional sadness sum up how important it is to acknowledge and allow your self to feel. Even and especially when those feelings are sad. It’s those moments that make us happier long term – “The point is not that we should try and be sadder in life,” he says. “The point is that when we try and avoid sadness, see it as a problem, and strive for endless happiness, we are in fact not very happy and, therefore, cannot enjoy the benefits of true happiness.” [QZ]
  4. Why Banksy built a secret shredder into the frame of the most valuable painting [Architecture Digest]
  5. Is body neutrality the new body positive? Why we should be focusing on health not looks [Fitmetalhead]
  6. 11 people on what they learned after losing, and keeping off 100 pounds [The Kitchn]
  7. When an ICU stay is followed by dementia [NPR]
  8. How to make the best inflammation fighting turmeric tea [Mind Body Green]
  9. Why elephants don’t shed their skin [NY Times]
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