1. 10 Things to look forward to this year [Sports 24 Seven]
  2. There’s a belief that if you can put a name to a feeling it becomes less overwhelming and more manageable. These 10 words describe emotions you never knew you had like “Amae”, the feeling of adulting but allowing someone to take care of things for you once in a while. Once you go through the list you’ll realise how many of these emotions you’ve actually felt. [NY Mag]
  3. How to kick yourself into high gear and get things done [Greatist]
  4. A gluten free banana bread recipe said to be the best thing ever [Healthy Girl with a Sweet Tooth]
  5. Sleep. No one knows why we do it, but without it we’d literally die which is ironic because sleep is said to be an eighth of death. As crucial as it is to our functioning it’s one of the firs things we skimp on. A (sleep deprived) physician discusses sleep, deprivation and what you should do to sleep better [The Atlantic]
  6. How to stop criticising yourself and practice more compassion [JHBeats]
  7. 9 Homemade Protein Bars for those snacking emergencies [Women’s Health]
  8. There’s more value to exercise than achieving #bodygoals. Here’s the impact physical fitness can have far beyond the gym [Science of Us]
  9. The school year started this week, but for many students it comes with the stress of more than homework. A local entrepreneur from Benoni has started a campaign to collect school bags and supplies, here’s how to get involved [Good Things Guy]
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