1. An all-pantry meal plan to have on hand in case of emergency [Epicurious].


2. Coronavirus: Why You Should Act Now – shows how the virus has grown, trends and the most important things everyone can do [Medium].


3. How to read food labels [NPR].


4. When to change your running shoes and how to get more mileage out of them [Coach Parry].


5. Why you should spend time doing things with no productive purpose for both your health and to spark creativity [Mind Body Green].


6. A (humorous) guide to jeans as (non)functional outdoor apparel [Outdoor Online].


7. Why Covid-19 is so dangerous for the elderly [Vox].


8. Are old school domestic tasks like cooking, cleaning, sewing and crocheting becoming the new wellness? As home hobbies grow in popularity and tend to be incredibly therapeutic, many think so [Elemental Medium].


9. How to engage your core so other muscles don’t have to overcompensate every time you do a sit up [Well + Good]

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