1. “Besides, every incidence of regret is a learning opportunity. Scientists have posited that the evolutionary purpose of the feeling is to encourage us not to make the same mistakes in future.” Elizabeth Day on the upside of regrets. [You]


2. 4 routes to travel if you want to spend your summer holiday road tripping through South Africa. [Wanted Online]


3. The 5 basics of healthy eating. [Vogue]


4. “We are encouraged to be hard on ourselves for our ‘lazy’ moods, inactivity can feel like a sin against the bustling activity of modernity. But it might be that at points the real threat to our happiness and self-development lies not in our failure to be busy, but in the very opposite scenario: in our inability to be ‘lazy’ enough.” Musings on productivity and the idea that we’re most productive not when we’re doing, but when we’re still. [The School of Life]


5. How to get some novelty back in your life. Even when stuck at home. [Shonda Land]


6. Last Saturday, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks passed away. He was the former chief Rabbi of the UK, one of the most prominent expositors of Orthodox Judaism and world renowned moral thinker. Over the course of this week, I’ve watched many of the video clips of his talks that have been shared. His 2017 TED Talk on how we face the future together without fear seems particularly relevant in a time where there is so much division in the world and where we are so quick to cancel people who differ from us. This line stuck with me “It’s the people not like us that make us grow… People not like us are people, just like us.”  It’s 12 minutes and you can watch it here.

Another video that I saw multiple times was his answer to the question “Why does God let bad things happen to good people”. His answer, which was recorded weeks before his death was this: “God does not want us to understand. Because if we ever understood, we would be forced to accept that bad things happen to good people, and God does not want us to accept those bad things. He wants us not to understand, so that we will fight against the bad and the injustices of this world, and that is why there is no answer to that question. God has arranged that we shall never have an answer to it.” [TED Talks]


7. 8 ways to read more books, and if you’re looking for some reading recs, checkout our bookclub section here. [HBR]


8.The answer to the question “can I use water instead of vegetable broth” and if you want to make your own we have a recipe here. [Bon Appetit]


9. How to fold napkins to upgrade any place setting fast. [Food52]

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