1. How to assess when you need an antibiotic [Medium].

2. How to make connections that count – some great advice, particularly if you fall on the introvert side of personality types [First Round Review].

3. How to navigate the news cycle as a sensitive person. [Mind Body Green].

4. Water vapor has been spotted on an Exoplanet K2-18b, an alien world where climate might be right for life [Cnet].

5. A rundown on everything announced at the Apple September event [Digital Trends].

6. This listicle is both beautiful and sad. It’s entitled “10 lessons I learned from my friend’s 9/11 death” and is filled with gems to incorporate into your life [Modern Loss].

7.Truths and myths about mammograms [Rattle and Mum].

8. What does magnesium do for you and do you need a supplement? [Outside Online]

9. Why we should stop using the word “should” [Thrive Global].

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