1. Want to live longer? Run. Seriously, one hour of running can add an additional 7 hours to your life. Even if you smoke, drink or are overweight. [NY Times]
  2. How Caroline Wostmann tackles the OMTOM hills and how you can too [Runner’s World]
  3. 5 Things that can help insomnia. And two that’ll make it worse [Mind Body Green]
  4. A recipe for almond butter marinated tofu [Francesca Eats Roses]
  5. The more time you’re on social media, the worse you feel. So says a new study which discusses amongst other things, the comparison games that play out on social media and the fact that online interaction is no substitute for real life interaction. [HBR]
  6. Before it gets too cold and mangos are out of season, make these mango lassi popsicles with white chocolate and pistachios. [The Pretty Blog]
  7. Apple’s latest step in turning the Apple watch from a nice to have to a must have is by developing optical sensors, which involves shining a light through the skin to measure indications of glucose. Yes, the next generation Apple watches may help Diabetics control their blood sugar better. [Fast Company]
  8. Nauli breathing is a yogic style of breathing that allows you to “cleanse your internal organs” and wake up your core, this video is an eye opening demo of what it actually is [PopSugar]
  9. A step-by-step post recovery plan [Outside Online]
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