1. How to sound smart next time you’re on a trail run or hike [Outside Online]
  2. Turmeric is considered and adaptogen here’s how to use it to make a bright yellow latte [Taste]
  3. 5 Bobby Pin Hacks that actually work [Brit +Co]
  4. This app is the first app to become a certified method of birth control. The Swedish created app, Natural Cycles has been approved by the European Union and relies on taking one’s temperature to determine where you are in your cycle. [NPR]
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  6. 6 food shopping mistakes healthy people make [Well + Good]
  7. Towards the end of the year, the iPhone will get a major software update. Here’s a hint into the tricks your phone may soon be able to do [Fast Company]
  8. 7 Easy ways to give back to the environment this Mandela Day [Good Things Guy]
  9. 21 not so boring chicken breast recipes that are made for meal prepping [Greatist]
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