1. Yesterday was world blood donor day and with less than 1% of South Africans being active blood donors here’s 10 myths about blood donation debunked to clear up confusion about who’s fit to give blood [Health24]
  2. Why the current conversation around young female runners needs to change [Outside Online]
  3. Your phone is currently covered in bacteria which may or may not be harmful to you. To be on the safe side you should clean it twice a day, or not use it while eating [TIME]
  4. What’s in your Instagram data dump and how to access it [Mashable]
  5. How to Set and Measure Personal Development Goals [Very Well Mind]
  6. More than a game, soccer is used as a tool for economic development, gender equality, and health education—translating the joy of the game into a catalyst for social change and community growth. As the Soccer World Cup begins, National Geographic shared timeless pictures of people enjoying soccer through the years [National Geographic]
  7. How Dehydration is ruining your day and what to do about it [Girlboss]
  8. Two high profile suicides have sparked an important conversation around mental health, but sometimes that conversation is to be had offline with the ones you love. If you think someone you know and love is at risk, here’s how to speak to them [The Cut]
  9. Succulents are one of the most low maintenance house plants, but don’t make these 5 mistakes [Good Housekeeping]
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