1. “Don’t be so dopamine heavy (motivation, forward driven) that you fall out of love and forget the serotonin moments (here and now).” and 7 other health truths from Joe Holder. [Medium]


2. An interesting deep dive into the world of celebrity beauty brands. [Allure]


3. “My primary ambition was to stop looking ahead. I wanted to stop using routine as a way of living in the future, and instead embrace and confront the right now. Living in the future is a consolation – it promises hope and excitement, a chance to do things differently – but it is also a cop-out from the present. It allows you to avoid what is going on right in front of your eyes and, in work terms, to fast forward over the process.” – a tiny excerpt from this fabulous essay by Pandora Sykes on routines, habits and learning to let go and let life unfold.


4. How To Talk Yourself Up (Without Turning People Off). [HBR]


5. New research shows that the amount of light at night matters more than if it’s blue light when it comes to interrupting your circadian rhythm. [Leds Magazine]


6. How to use sourdough discard in any recipe and while we’re on that topic, here are my favorite discard recipes. [Food52]


7. What to do when anxious thoughts invade your mind. [Goop]


8. Thank someone for a trait you want them to have and other psychological tricks to use in everyday interactions. Most are really just rephrasing questions and comments. [BuzzFeed]


9. In things you didn’t know you needed. A panatone pee chart. [Kottke]

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