1. How changing 1% of your day can transform your life. In minutes, it’s 15 minutes a day making micro shifts that can have macro changes [Mind Body Green]
  2. 4 Alternative grains and how to use them [Taste]
  3. 3 Cooking techniques that’ll up your food game [Well + Good]
  4. Adidas designed their latest shoe, “Deerupt” with Instagram in mind, and by that I mean to make it as instgramable as possible. Taking #doitforthegram to a whole new level [Quartz]
  5. Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel are currently somewhere in the Himalayas attempting to cross it in the fastest known time ever. They’ve battled frostbite, ice and snow and more. Here’s the latest update on their epic adventure [redbull]
  6. Are you deliciously doing nothing? It’s called Niksen, it’s Dutch and it’s about allowing yourself guilt free breaks to do nothing [Shine]
  7. Cape Town is not the only place suffering from a water crisis. Bangladesh, Morocco and Bolivia are also dealing with their own water crisis, and the World Resources Institute predicted that by 2040, majority of countries will be facing some level of water stress [Popular Science]
  8. A gut healing, immune boosting smoothie to blend up if you’re feeling run down or sluggish [Be Well]
  9. A new study shows that you can start exercise in middle age and still see huge health benefits. A group of middle age sedentary volunteers improved their heart health drastically after including exercise into their routine. [NPR]
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