1. This take on the toilet paper shortage looks at it from a different angle – not one of panic buying or hoarding. Instead it delves into consumer vs commercial demand and how that balanced is out of whack and tipped heavily towards consumer demand. In simple terms, you’re not going to the toilet more you’re just going more at home which means you need more at home. It’s not only affecting toilet paper supplies but many others where consumer demand is suddenly much higher than commercial. This same theory can be applied to the flour and yeast shortage – it’s not hoarding. It’s simply that more people are baking at home instead of relying on bakeries and eating out; and supply chains have yet to fully adapt to the change in demand.  [Medium]


2. How to shape and tweeze your eyebrows like a professional. [Goop]


3. Pro tip for those who have just discovered the joy of baking yeasted breads – both sweet and savoury. Here’s how to tell if your dough has risen enough. Hint: it involves the only instance where a poke is acceptable. [Bon Appetit]


4. If you’ve been having weird dreams lately, read this for some insight as to why plus how you can better control your dreams. [NY Times]


5. Foot Pilates for trail runners [Trail Magazine] and for some other strength training moves for trail runners click here.


6. A guide to nutrition during quarantine which goes further than just what you eat. She also mentions CSA boxes which aren’t something available locally, however, the closest option to that (and a nice way to support your smaller produce businesses) is fresh produce deliveries. These are four produce companies we’ve tried and can vouch for their freshness and service. [Brightland]


7. The restorative power of rituals. [HBR]


8. 28 recipes using the humble chickpea. [Food52]


9. Simple tips for working from home. [Minky’s]

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