1. “Having lived through the past two years on Earth, one should be allowed to wonder if our present circumstances might persist endlessly” – a read for anyone who too feels like we’re in a never ending loop of strains and lockdowns and mandates. [The Atlantic]


2. What it’s like going viral and being investigated on the internet. Tik Tok’s couch guy shares his experience on unwillingly becoming a public figure. [Slate]


3. A photo-essay on the invisible lives of Johannesburg’s food couriers. A must read from anyone who’s ordered takeout on one of the delivery apps, and a reminder to be kind and gracious to service workers. [The Guardian]


4. 6 smart hacks for storing food, leftovers and more in the fridge during the holidays when space is at a premium. [Cook’s Illustrated]


5. A very in-depth guide to making your own Kombucha. [Food52]


6. Something to think about for next year – action over motion. [James Clear]


7. A long read for movie buffs on the not so small fact that it’s gotten more difficult to hear the dialogue in movies. [Slas Film]


8. 7 expert backed ways to keep your gut healthy over the holiday season. [Vogue]


9. How to braai a whole fish like a pro. [Taste]

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