1. This article is filled with things to do to relieve the anxiety and stress caused by lock-down and a worldwide pandemic. It’s from Wired which means the resources are all US applicable. However, we happened to have written about a number of things suggested so if you’r looking for the following mentioned in the article we got you covered:

Acupressure mats– hurt, but you feel fab after!

A list of our current favorite teas

Weighted Blankets – I’ve been getting so much use out of it – it’s like being hugged while you sleep.


2. Remember when face masks were something you put on at home as part of a relaxing beauty routine? Well here’s some homemade masks if you’re longing for a facemask that feels soothing, requires you to be indoors and doesn’t fog your glasses [Taylormde]


3. “In using this time at home to practice mindful movement and try the lower-impact workouts I avoided for so long, I’ve created a safe space to fail and flail. Most importantly, though, I’ve learned that I’m actually capable of the things I used to be too afraid to try.” A love letter to home workouts, which I too have grown to love and have also been doing exercises I never used to. [Self]


4. How to know when your bread is fully baked and why it’s better to be 5 minutes over than under. [Motherdough]


5. Out of the many things frightening in today’s world, the ceaseless hatred towards people of different color or religion is top of list. That hatred has been the root cause of wars, genocides and injustices. In the past week two prominent Black American figures have come out making incredibly harmful and hurtful anti-Semitic comments at a time where antisemitism is on the rise. In words better than I can,  Jemille Hill explains how personal experience of racism doesn’t automatically sensitize us toward other forms of prejudice and how freedom doesn’t come at the expense of dehumanizing another marginalized group [The Atlantic].


6. The best plant advice from a Tik Tok gardening whiz. [Domino]


7. 5 reasons you can’t run faster and how to change that. [Runner’s World]


8. There was stories, inspired by Snapchat and soon there’ll be Instagram Reel. The new Instagram feature to be rolled out that works like Tik Tok on Instagram. [Bustle]


9. What we know about Covid-19 antibody testing. [The Cut]

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