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1. Celeb chefs share the 5 ingredients always in their kitchen. Most shocking is that out of the 13 chefs, only 2 put down Avocado. [Refinery29]


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2. Drug usage in teenagers has declined over the past couple of years, and some researchers are saying it has to do with a new addiction – smartphones. The feeling people get from their phones and social media may now replace the feeling of drugs. While this may be a positive thing, screen addiction is real and worrying as this psychologist pointed out “I see her [his daughter]at this point and time as not being a person who is controlled in any way by smoking pot,” he said. But “her phone is something she sleeps with.” [NY Times]


3. 9 Smart strategies to tackle your to-do lists [Brit + Co]


4. This Brown rice, grilled greens and green pesto bowl is basically hygge in a bowl [Taste]


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5. Caster Semenya’s latest venture is helping girls stay in school and remove shame around menstruation [Elle]


6. The trick to handling constructive criticism better [The Science of Us]


7. The secret to recovery may just be in a bowl of ramen [Outside Online]


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8. After what feels like a decade, the gluten free trend may be over. It’s now safe to eat bread, just make sure it’s sprouted or sourdough [Mind Body Green]


9. How to travel with friends, is a guide on how to travel with a group, so you can afford better accommodation, but still actually like each other at the end of it. [NY Mag]


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