1. You’ve just finished a race, congrats! Before you start thinking Netflix + chill is in order, consider a more active (and effective) form of recovery [Physio Works]
  2. Is protein powder actually good for you? While convenient, experts believe whole food sources are better [Time]
  3. How a Kenyan company is turning poop into usable fuel for cooking and heating. And no, it doesn’t stink [Quartz]
  4. Fitness Blogger, Lucy Mountain visually shows the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. The image that had me shook was the one that shows that darker chocolate has more calories than milk chocolate. Shook, but still eating chocolate [Good Things Guy]
  5. Before all the citrus goes out of season, you need to make at least one of these citrus chicken recipes, I’m starting with the Lemon Grapefruit marinated one! [Taste]
  6. In real life, smiling can be viewed as a sign of warmth and being genuine. In email a smiley is not a smile and according to a study doesn’t come across as smart or competent in business emails. [Eureka Alert]
  7. “Yoh you’re old”, Caster Semenya said these words to Jenna Challenor who at 36 realised a huge dream of representing South Africa at the IAAF Championships in London. If you’ve ever thought you’re too old to do something, or your path isn’t as linear as you wanted, read this [Jenna Challenor]
  8. How exposing kids to more dirt actually makes them healthier [NPR]
  9. How to eat heathy while traveling [Brit + Co]
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