1. ‘Still, there are people who don’t understand the allure of a good bath. They say it’s boring. That it doesn’t leave you properly clean. Or that the sensation and pressure of a shower is superior. Too bad I can’t hear them. I’m submerged, an hour-and-a-half into a long and leisurely soak, my body pruned but pain-free.’ – from this article that made me want to climb into a hot bath. [The Gaurdian]


2. A 24-step plan to help you work smarter, eat better, and get moving—starting right now. [GQ]


3. If you love a  personality test, here’s a new one to take. [Principles You]


4. The difference between different types of tomatoes. [Bon Appetit]


5. ‘The show exists as a sadly unrealistic freeze-frame; a millennial Neverland, where no one really grows old or moves on, where your friends are always just across the hall. This yearning for the companionship of a chosen family has only been fortified by the unnatural isolation of the past year.’ – from this essay on the enduring appeal of Friends. [Harpers Bazaar]


6. If you’re one of the unfortunate people who seems to get more than your fair share of insect bites, here’s how to prevent that (it’s also genetic). [The Cut]


7. Love these ideas on using greens in fresh pasta and planning on using the puree method to switch the butternut for greens in this easy homemade pasta recipe. [Food52]


8. How the temperature of the water you drink affects digestion. [Well + Good]


9. 5 tips for better fitness recovery. [The Chalkboard Mag]

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