1. “I like to think of lengthening not my life span but my health span—my time on earth in good physical condition” – from lessons we can learn about ageing from athletes [GQ]


2. How to care for wounds to minimise scarring. [Goop]


3. On redefining burnout. [Bustle]


4. How Shackleton’s ship Endurance was found 104 after sinking into the depths of the Antarctic Ocean, and further reading for Shackelton fans in this book stack. [New York Times]


5. How to give yourself a neck massage using a tennis ball. [Well + Good].


6. How to know when to throw out skincare products. [Allure]


7. If you’re nosy, think about becoming a novelist – as Charlotte Mendelson explains it’s the best excuse to find out anything you want. In the name of research of course. [iNews]


8. Why your tolerance for alcohol decreases as you age. [AARP]


9. How to clean your houseplants. [Food52]

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