1. The secrets of restaurant servers [Thrillist]
  2. Each year the Oxford Dictionary chooses a word of the year. A word that is meant to encapsulate an entire year in language and culture. The word of 2015 was the emoji “laughing face with tears”. The word of 2016? “Post-Truth”, which pretty much sums up the chaotic 2016 and the rise of social-media as a news source [Vox]
  3. The difference between hearing and listening [JHBeats]
  4. Turns out South African runners have post-race recovery right. Instead of going home after crossing the finish line, you’ll find them clustered under club tents drinking, eating and socialising. New research shows that getting social after hard efforts can actually help you recover [Outside Online]
  5. “Everybody seems to have enough time to be caught up on their Netflix queue[…], but when it comes to cooking for yourself, suddenly everyone’s too goddamn busy,’ “ This is the type of unfiltered truth you can expect from Thug Kitchen. To prove their point here’s 3 healthy recipes that’ll take you all of 15 minutes to make [Well + Good]
  6. Imagine 8 weeks without your smart phone. This author did that and this is what he learned (and gained) from releasing himself from the smartphone grip [Mind Body Green]
  7. Last week’s heavy rainfalls have increased the Vaal Dam levels to over 30% [Good Things Guy]
  8. 6 ways to boost you immune system [Esquire]
  9. Raw mini lemon cheesecakes that are vegan and gluten free [Wellness in the City]
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