1. Buying myself back is an incredibly well-written, harrowing and powerful essay by Emily Ratajkowski. In it she shares her early modelling experience and delves into consent, image, power and what it’s like when you don’t own your own image and have no control as to how it is used. [The Cut]

[trigger warning: the essay does discuss sexual assault].


2. A look at how staying at home could affect children’s immune systems. [NY Times]


3. “If we want a life full of deep meaning, true love, and emotional strength, it’s going to involve the risk of discomfort, conflict, and loss. This means there will be sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. If we eliminate negative emotions and experiences from our lives, we will be poorer and weaker for having done so.” Why you should sit with negative feelings and how to learn from them. [The Atlantic]


4. Beginner tips for baking with gluten-free flours. [Goop]


5. If you’re selling your house, this list of hidden costs is good to know. [News24]


6. “All of us have spent our lives optimizing our function in the world. And what this year has done is force us all off the path of least resistance. And that’s what the brain needs all the time. Challenges force it to rewire itself and push what it can do.” Found this article on how 2020 is actually good for our brains and why we have lost concept of time really interesting. [Elemental].


7.  A cheat sheet to the 10 most googled skincare ingredients of 2020. [Vogue]


8. 10 bean tips from using them in satisfying meals to why age matters. If you want to know the best method of cooking dried beans head here. [The Kitchn]


9. 3 bad posture habits and how to fix them. [The Chalkboard Mag]

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