1. How to dry your own herbs [Food52]
  2. The move, pause, plan morning routine. [Joe Holder/Medium]
  3. Are you an active couch potato? [The Washington Post]
  4. Love this “Why I” series that shows the motivation behind a passion. [Outside Online]
  5. I take Psyllium powder everyday for added fibre and improved digestion, but now you can get it in a capsule with added probiotics here which is a lot easier to take! [Faithful to Nature]
  6. 33 books to look out for in the next few months. [Time]
  7. Patagonia’s founder sold the company to Planet Earth, here’s what that means. [Vogue]
  8. How to channel emotions to help you make hard decisions. [HBR]
  9. Why water isn’t going to help soothe the burn of a fiery chilli pepper. [Bon Apetit]
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