1. The complete list of Times 100 most influential people of 2019 [Time]
  2. A new study found that a simple diet change can shave minutes of your running times [Runner’s World]
  3. A life without pain seems like a dream. But in actuality it’s  nightmare. Pain is there to tell us when something is wrong, it’s associated with your memory making process and it can save your life. Some people have a gene which makes them feel no pain, others have a gene that makes everything painful. Here’s what living on the opposite ends of the pain spectrum is like [Wired].
  4. The 4 attachment styles and how they sabotage your work-life balance [NY Times]
  5. Easy plant-based substitutes [Taste]
  6. Some great eco-friendly kitchen tips [Food52]
  7. We know plastic is bad and single use anything is worse. But with more countries imposing bans on plastic bags what will take their place? And is the alternative cotton bag any better? This article explains the environmental impact of different types of bags  and points out that “what is likely of vastly greater importance [than the bag] is what you choose to put in it and how you carry it around” [Quartz]
  8. This infographic on what happens in an internet minute makes me want to shut down and curl up with a paper book and cup of cocoa [Social Media Today]
  9. If you’re planning on driving far this long weekend, here’s how to save your body from the aches an pains that accompany hours spent in the car [Men’s Health]
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