A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. 7 exciting and bizarre things Caroline Wostmann tried whilst injured [Caroline.Run]

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2. Microbiome is becoming the new “it” word of the wellness industry. It refers to the microscopic army of (good for you) bacteria living in your gut. Here’s how your gut can affect your health, weight and mood [Born Fitness]


3. Recycling in South Africa is on the rise thanks to these 7 factors [ Good Things Guy]


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4. 13 printable body weight exercises you can do at home [Pop Sugar]


5. 5 rules of the ultimate scrambled eggs. Or you can google Gordon Ramsey Soft Scrambled eggs for the best recipe. And yes scrambled eggs can be a recipe. [The Kitchn]


6. A new study linked sugar consumption to impaired cognitive function [PsyPost]


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7. 8 principles to doing anything better [Outside Online]


8. Watermelon hacks to try before summer is up [Suzelle DIY]


9. How to read skin care labels [Allure]


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