1. Minimalism as a lifestyle implies that the less you have, the happier you’ll be. Or will you? This article explores the point that minimalism as a lifestyle trend is a statement of affluence – I can afford to have less. At the end, it’s about finding a balance between having things that are meaningful and not accruing things just to have more [NY Times]
  2. Career Junction have released their latest salary review for South Africa, listing salary ranges for 10 sectors across the country. Find out where you fall here [Business Tech]
  3.  The reason you get a thrill when you finish that last drop of toothpaste, shampoo or lipstick [Allure]
  4. Does social media serve us or do we serve social media? John McInroy believes it’s the latter and that it is the reason why we have trouble staying in the present and letting life unfold organically. For anyone who’s considered (or has already) removing themselves on a social platform, it’s a great read [John McInroy]
  5. Caffeine overdose is rare but possible – last month a US teen died from a caffeine overdose. Here’s how much caffeine is deadly and why some people have a bigger tolerance than others [Vox]
  6. A group of South Africans called the “Knitwits” are planning to leave hundreds of scarves tied around lampposts, trees and benches in public spaces for those who need extra warmth this winter. The date planned is 17 July 2017 and you can get involved [Good Things Guys]
  7. How to clean burnt stains off enamel cookware [The Kitchn]
  8. 6 skinny dips packed with flavour [Women’s Health]
  9. 6 Remedies to a sore throat that actually work [Refinery29]
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