1. “Suddenly I saw—that we didn’t need to rush to get somewhere, we were already somewhere stunningly beautiful. We just had to slow down, lift our heads, and look around” – favorite unexpected moment of joy in the outdoors. [Outside Online]
  2. Do you talk too much? [HBR]
  3. How to improve your running speed. [Coach Parry]
  4. If you haven’t logged into your google account for 2 years it will be deleted in a move by Google to improve security. [NPR]
  5. Cute wooden toys (that would also make sweet bookshelf props)
  6. Suffer from tech neck? Here’s how to relieve and prevent it. [Self]
  7. 5 skincare mistakes to avoid [Marie Claire]
  8. Sorry lovers of well done (*ahem* burnt) food. It’s not so good for you. [Bon Appetite]
  9. What to eat to avoid brain fog. [Goop]
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