1. “Embracing stress is not about living a life of discomfort. It’s about balance. Be sure you’re bouncing back. But also know that you can never rest your body to greatness: Whether we want to admit it or not, all growth starts with stress.” – a great read on the value of stress and how to use to get stronger. [GQ]


2. The 5 rules of SPF, and if you’re looking for good everyday face SPFs, these are our picks. [Vogue]


3. A nutritionists approach to dealing with burnout. [Goop]


4. “Your skin burns. It feels really good. You just feel alive. In that moment of surrender, I can literally think of nothing else other than, OH MY GOD. It clears your mind of everything else.” – This essay on the mind-clearing magic of cold-water swimming reminds me of The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle a divine book and this together with #1 makes me want to continue getting into an ice cold pool for as long as I can handle it. [Cup of Jo]


5. A humorous take on quarantine cooking trends. [Glamour]


6. A trick to get tomato paste out of a can so none gets left behind and how to store the leftover paste. [The Kitchn]


7. “If you put off self-care until work is less busy, your kids are back in school, your house is in order, or some other circumstances are exactly right, you may never get to it. But if you take a brief pause and go through these steps, you can begin to take care of yourself, even when it feels like the responsibilities at home and at work never end.” – how to make “me time” when life is busy. [HBR]


8. Fully in favour of the mid-day work nap. [NY Times]


9. Small ways to add mindful moments to your day. [Alexa Lily]

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