1. “The year is only half over, but more people have already been infected and killed by the coronavirus in 2021 than in 2020.” A shocking fact from this piece on the danger of Delta. [The Atlantic]


2. What is your mycobiome and how can you support it? [Goop]


3. How to cultivate happiness and experience joy when you are stuck in a rut. [NPR]


4. Why most food labels are wrong about calories. [The Conversation]


5. How to talk to your kids about climate change. [Outside Online]


6. Some good tips for making the perfect stove top popcorn. [Cookie+Kate]


7. This is what happens to you brain when you doom scroll. [Bustle]


8. A smart decluttering rule. [The Kitchn]


9. Matpakke aka what one of the world’s happiest people eat for lunch every day. [Medium]

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